And they sit
And they drink
And they talk about the
They shake their heads
Over bad decisions
Made by their friends
And agree on points
Over and over again
And they talk about
People decaying
I wonder
If they are heading
The same way


And just before I left
He grabbed my wrist
And made me promise that
I would eat two meals today
So I forced a smile
And promised

When I reached home
I ate and ate and ate
Till I was as full as he
Wanted me to be
And even though
I could feel fat appearing
On my bones
I ate till
I no longer could
Because I promised

After I summoned the
Willpower to move
I ran to the bathroom
And puked and puked and puked
Till I was as empty as I
Wanted to be
And I smiled
With that sour taste in my mouth
Because I was a step
Closer to becoming a paper doll

Later when he called me up
I told him all about what I ate
And he was happy
Because he thought I would be normal
And I was happy
Because I deceived him
Without lying
Since he never asked
If I kept the food in my stomach


Dont you dare
Tell me that
Girls are like locks
And when many keys
Can open a singular lock
The lock is useless
Because for me
Girls could be sharpeners
Praised for their ability
To sharpen pencils
But honey
I know better
Than to compare humans
To items
Because I know
That we are people
And sharpeners and locks will never
Take into account that we
Are living
Human beings
And the number of people
I sleep with
Shouldn’t determine my
Self worth
Simply because
To you
I was a faulty lock


She looked at his pitiful body
Lying chained to the floor
And simply smiled

She crouched next to him
And laughed as she
Carved a masterpiece
On his flesh

Rivulets of his blood
Flowed down his body
And he screamed for mercy

She stood up
And inspected him
Her heels clacking
While she walked

She was satisfied
With what she had reduced
A proud man to

She then left him alone
To his misery
Knowing that he will never be whole

And he spent the rest of his days
Hating himself
For the day he crossed