And just before I left
He grabbed my wrist
And made me promise that
I would eat two meals today
So I forced a smile
And promised

When I reached home
I ate and ate and ate
Till I was as full as he
Wanted me to be
And even though
I could feel fat appearing
On my bones
I ate till
I no longer could
Because I promised

After I summoned the
Willpower to move
I ran to the bathroom
And puked and puked and puked
Till I was as empty as I
Wanted to be
And I smiled
With that sour taste in my mouth
Because I was a step
Closer to becoming a paper doll

Later when he called me up
I told him all about what I ate
And he was happy
Because he thought I would be normal
And I was happy
Because I deceived him
Without lying
Since he never asked
If I kept the food in my stomach

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