The reason war and love are so alike
Is because both are dances
albeit different types
Love is all about graceful movements
Its falling into each other
And simply staying
You inhale and pirouette
I exhale and glide towards you
We are not synonyms
We are the same
In love we come together
And as love ebbs
We fade away
War is full of harshness
It is organised chaos
Which took someone time to plan
When you inhale I stab you
When I exhale I’m brought to my knees by a knife at my neck
War is a cunning game
Played by the rich
In war we are antonyms
We come together in a fit of madness
And the victor is the one who swallows the other whole
War comes to a stop like a choir without practice
Its sudden and stark
And only then you realise the mangled mess you left behind
War and love are both dances
Separated not only by their circumstances
By also how you and I
Move to different beats


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