Home is where the heart is
They say
Well then for me
Home is all around me
It is the way you smile at me
When I meet someone after a long while
My clothes, my books, my music
The people who care about me
The people who are now gone but will always be there
The memories are home
The future is home
Because everything
I do I invest in it
My heart is beating in my chest, yes
But its scattered around the worlds
For me
Home is everywhere I have made memories yet
And all the places I’ve visited in my head
Home is not a person
Or a place
Its life as I live it out
And my thoughts
And emotions
Home consists of what makes me
And if I gave you a complete list
You’ll never have enough time
To read all the places
My heart has been to
Home is living for me
And that is what it’ll always be

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