Maybe to you
The topics we
Argue about are just
Jokes and you
Consider my stance
On real issues ‘funny’
But to me
These are things
Which affect people
So don’t bother
Having a debate with me
If you’re not
Willing to listen
Don’t talk to me
If you don’t take
Me seriously
Why should I
Respect you
And your opinion
(Which is
Obviously wrong, but
I still listen)
When you
Have never
Cared about what I say
And how I became
Who I am
I refuse to respect you
If all I get in exchange
Is derision
Why should I read up
On your interests
When you simply
Scoff at mine
I may be
Small, but
My personality is volatile
And you
Make me want
To explode
With anger
At the way you
Treat my


I simply want
To memorise
Every single part
Of you
And save these memories
And feelings
For a rainy day
I simply want to
Stare at you
While you talk
About yourself
I want to be near you
For no apparent reason
I want to be there for you
I want someone to be there for me
And I want that someone
To be you
I want your
Lips and arms and legs and thoughts
embedded in my brain
I want to know
What makes you who you are
I want you to know
I accept all the parts of you
I shunned before
I want you near me
Because you want to be there
Not because
You want to be somewhere
With someone
I want to be
I need to be
As important to you
As you are
To me


I am in a
Habit of
Referring to people
As nice
No matter how
Close you
Are to me
You’re probably
Just ‘nice’
(Or in some
Rare cases
‘Really nice’)
And as a
A poet and
An avid reader
Its quite
A shame
That my
Is so limited
When it comes
To people
I care about


Apparently smiling
At your phone
Is not very healthy
But I cannot help
But laugh to
Myself when you
Text me a bad joke
Or say something sarcastic
And I think
It shows just
How much power
Words have over us
That someone
Far away can
Make us smile
Simply with a
Few letters

Saving A Life

For all my talk
About mental illnesses
I’ve never really
Dealt with someone
Self destructive
Now, confronted
With someone
Whose only wish is
To stop existing
I’m not sure
How to react
What is the appropriate response
To being told that
Your friend
Wants to plummet
Towards the ground
And feel the concrete
Against her cheek
What do I say
To save
A life?


Walking on
The beach
Hand in hand
With you
The best part of the day
Was not your smile
Or your twinkling eyes
But when you
Pressed a seashell
Into my hand
And simply said
That you believed
In fate and destiny
And that the moment
You saw that seashell
You knew
It had washed up on shore
Simply to
Be with me
And when I opened
My hand
To see the little gift
You had given me
I saw brilliant blues
And lovely hues
Of pink and purple
And white too
All mixed up
In that little seashell
And when I looked up
At you, in wonder
You simply smiled
And said
That I am
A fusion of everything
Every shade of my personality
You said, was equally
And that little seashell
And the words you said
To me, then
Made sure that
I would never
Fall out of love


I think my feelings
For you
Are fading
Not because
I like you any less
But simply
I don’t have the time
To think about you
I have friends
With real problems
I have friends
Who I need to make sure
Are okay
And I have friends who need help
And I would rather spend my time
Thinking of ways
To help her out
Than ways
I could be with you
My love for you
Has taken the backseat
In my life
We are
Not a priority


I think I’m only at peace
When the sun has disappeared completely
And I am free
Of social obligations
For the day
And I creep into my room
shut the doors tight
Put on my favourite CD
And just lie down
On my bed
And revel in
What the day has been
And what tomorrow could be