Walking on
The beach
Hand in hand
With you
The best part of the day
Was not your smile
Or your twinkling eyes
But when you
Pressed a seashell
Into my hand
And simply said
That you believed
In fate and destiny
And that the moment
You saw that seashell
You knew
It had washed up on shore
Simply to
Be with me
And when I opened
My hand
To see the little gift
You had given me
I saw brilliant blues
And lovely hues
Of pink and purple
And white too
All mixed up
In that little seashell
And when I looked up
At you, in wonder
You simply smiled
And said
That I am
A fusion of everything
Every shade of my personality
You said, was equally
And that little seashell
And the words you said
To me, then
Made sure that
I would never
Fall out of love


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