Maybe to you
The topics we
Argue about are just
Jokes and you
Consider my stance
On real issues ‘funny’
But to me
These are things
Which affect people
So don’t bother
Having a debate with me
If you’re not
Willing to listen
Don’t talk to me
If you don’t take
Me seriously
Why should I
Respect you
And your opinion
(Which is
Obviously wrong, but
I still listen)
When you
Have never
Cared about what I say
And how I became
Who I am
I refuse to respect you
If all I get in exchange
Is derision
Why should I read up
On your interests
When you simply
Scoff at mine
I may be
Small, but
My personality is volatile
And you
Make me want
To explode
With anger
At the way you
Treat my


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