It has come to my notice
That love is fleeting
And you are just a phase
And no matter how long this lasts
I will weather the storm
I will ride the ship
I will not let anything
Change who I am
And whether it takes
Two years or
Two days
You will soon
But the hills will remain
The city will remain
The winds and rains will stay
For nature is eternal
And you and me
Are definitely

Disguised Dreams

I have a rather queer habit
Of dreaming up
Nightmares for myself
Whether it involves being bullied,
Being forced to speak in front of a huge group of
Insensitive people
Or simply
Something hurtful
I like to dream up
Worst case scenarios
And solve them in my head
Most of them are simply odd
With even odder solutions
And what scares me
Is that while these solutions
Have been proven
To work
I would have never dreamed of doing
Or saying something
Like them
And this makes me wonder
Whether my worst case scenarios
Are simply me dreaming
Of best case me
Put in a situation
Where the newly created me
Can show off her
Grace and poise
I wonder
Whether these nightmares
Are actually
Disguised dreams


Stop trying to
Justify your cruelty
By saying you are
Simply ‘honest’
Because you
Are not honest
You are a coward
Who tries to hurt others
With words
Simply because
You are insecure
And desperately need
People to notice
You. Don’t hide behind
The word ‘honest’
Because it signifies
Something that is
Inherently good
And you
Are not.