Moving on

I wonder if he remembers the conversations we used to have
He blushed every time he saw me
But asked me to stay with him nevertheless

I wonder if he remembers feeling anything for me
Because I remember how it felt
When he still cared
He was awkward and so was I
But our awkwardness adjusted around each other
Till it was almost comfortable
It doesn’t feel like that anymore

I remember him texting me and calling me and talking to me
I just never anticipated him ending it
He has moved on
But I remain stuck in what I thought would be
The foundations of our relationship
But now I’m stuck in another could’ve been
Another would’ve been
Another never to be

I just don’t know how to make him miss me
Like I miss him
Because his monosyllabic responses
Are like little knives
Designed to wound not kill
(He must want to keep me alive
To feel the pain)

I never anticipated
Him leaving
(Before I did,
I always thought
I was the fickle one)
And now
That we’re on the precipice
Of never being anything
I just want
(I just need)
to make him stay

2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. blueberrieluv says:

    is this the guy in ‘IDK’ or in ‘Opinions’, or in ‘Priorities’?
    Or are they all the same?
    cool poem tho, rlly nice.


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