All Girl

Some days I am all girl
(By which I mean
my personality
is made up more of
what society determines
as girly)
I am nail polish and all
I listen to is
Taylor Swift while
reading some chick flick
made to convince teenage girls
that they can be manic pixie dream girls too
I giggle and say
like um you know
And I am all girl.

Some days I am less girl
and more anger
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Im trying so hard
to not be overwhelmed
That my creativity
is overwhelmed.

I’m trying to keep myself together
But little parts of me aren’t fitting in properly

It isn’t even that I’m sad
I’m just overwhelmed
By nothing at all

I’m overwhelmed
By my solitary existence

I’m overwhelmed
By my loneliness

And I just want to escape it all
For a bit


You tell me to say something meaningless
And my mind is blank
Because everything I ever say to you
Is a loaded gun
Each word is measured and precise
My mind is blank
Because everything about you holds meaning
And I don’t know how not to think


I know
I’ve been irritable
this week
And I’ve tried
so hard to
keep myself together
But I’m afraid
to tell you
today was
the last straw
I don’t want
to talk to
any of my friends
I don’t want to
talk to you
Until I feel
a little
less unwound