I Don’t Love You.

I know what love looks like.
I know what love feels like.

It’s messy, like
children playing a game
or an artist covered in paint

It’s beautiful, like
sunsets and cold nights,
Messy buns and
aesthetic blogs

It’s heart wrenching, like
your favourite book, ending
the best friend you don’t talk to anymore, and
that those times you were targeted unintentionally

It doesn’t come in a particular shape or size,
it’s not available easily.
But when it arrives, you will know its there.
You will recognize love when they smile at you for the first time
and your heart beats faster for that second
You will recognize love because your soul will see theirs, and instantly

I know what love looks and feels like, there are
a thousand ways to describe it
I know what love is,
and what we have?
It definitely isn’t love
It doesn’t even
come close.

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