The Future

I have never been depressed
or had an anxiety disorder
I’ve never been diagnosed
with any sort of
mental illness, but
I have overcome
different blockades
and one thing I have
believed in throughout
is the future.

I might speak from
a position of privilege
but I wholeheartedly
believe in visions
of tomorrow

So whether you
are simply sad
or suffering in
a worse way
please know
you are a person.

Feeling negative things
doesn’t make you damaged
When you think of the future
don’t dream of a cure
for your beautiful mind
Dream of a future
where you live in
harmony with your
imperfections and
dream of a future
where you accept
who you are
Dream of a future
where you are
simply being you
and you don’t have
yourself for it.

Maybe I speak with
a privileged mindset
but I believe everyone
has that future
And it might be
idealistic to think
this way, but
dreaming and wanting
to be a positive person
only make your journey
towards accepting yourself
a faster one.

I Like You

I LIKE YOU. And you’re wondering, why
that statement needed to be
in capitals, you’re
wondering why I need
to say it so loudly

But I like you. And it’s
a fact now, a mere statement
Because I like you the way I like myself,
Or the way I like poetry, I don’t quite
understand it, but I know
it makes me feel something.
Something which vaguely resembles Diwali night, or a rainy day with books.
Something which kind of reminds me of you.

I like you, and its not in a secret way, or a
whisper way
Or a hush way
It’s in a scream this to the world way,
A does everyone know how good this feels way

I like you, and I never thought
I would say this, but
I’m glad.