Kissing You

Sometimes I imagine you kissing me.
And it’s always in this angry way, like
I’m screaming at you and you
decided to apologise with your mouth
In these flights of fancy, I mostly melt in your arms
I mostly forget about our fights, I mostly
concentrate on kissing you until we fuck it up again.
Even when I see us together it’s a mess.
We just seem to be toxic for each other, like
how you pick all the wrong fights to start, and you
turn me into a nervous condescending wreck
Maybe we’re meant to stay away from each other, but like
you’re something I’ll never get over, like
opposites attract and we are synonyms clashing
We should repel but instead all we do
is come back for this brawl
Lately I’ve imagined kissed you
It’s always a bit more war.


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