Alternate Universe

Today I thought of an
alternate universe where
you are not made up of
question marks and passivity. A world
where you would call
me up frantically saying

‘Listen to me. I know we’re
nothing for now but I’m
really looking forward to the day we
are together forever. Listen
to me. I haven’t liked
anyone after I met you and
no matter how hard I try to erase you
You are in every future I imagine. Listen,
I might be in like with you
because love is too strong a word
and I’m still scared of commitment, but you
you make me almost fearless.
Listen, I think I can finally make this work.
I think it’s about time we
tried to be together.
Listen, lets be together’

But this is only a flight
of fancy, only a whimsy
This is only what I want to say.
In this universe, we are a
befuddled mess, and it
makes no difference to
your life. I am the only
one suffering here.
And I don’t know whether to
laugh or cry because I would
invest everything in us
But you, you wouldn’t
even spend a rupee.

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