Days are getting shorter.
As winter approaches, my
luck runs out
The more time I need,
the less time is there
The happier I feel at home,
the worse I feel in school

Days have been getting shorter, and it feels
like a metaphor for
my temper, like
there are few sunlit hours
during the month of
December, and there are
just a few precious
seconds before I lose my mind

It’s been getting chilly, and
I’ve been feeling cold and callous
The winter is seeping into
my body and my heart
is slowly hardening to
most people I know
And I don’t feel bad about it.

Let my heart freeze, let my
demons reveal themselves,
let me lose my mind, let
me rebuild myself, as
long as I’m the one rebuilding
As long as I’m the one
changing me
as long as I’m the one
in control of myself

Let winter come
Let me freeze for now
Because I know that
once I thaw, I’ll be
the person I want to be
I’ll be the person I’m
trying to be

Winter is approaching, and
I’m running out of time
But its alright
It’s alright.
These months will
simply make me better.

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