I did this activity in class the other day, which was supposed to make you introspect or something along the same lines. One of the questions we were asked was ‘what did you regret in 2015 that you would not like to repeat in 2016’ and I couldn’t think of even one major event that took place that I wouldn’t want to relive; this feeling is something that sums up the year for me-

Because 2015 was the year
where I was myself, a
bit not okay, a bit
anxious, a bit of
bad and a lot of good.
I wouldn’t take back a
single moment; whether it
was the feeling I felt when
I talked to him, or the
crying I did in my room,
every second defined me.

2015 was when I nearly
gave up, but I didn’t; when
I nearly broke down, but
I didn’t; when I nearly
became yours, but I
didn’t. And that’s okay.

2015 was me setting
boundaries, was me
opening up, was me
surviving, and
according to me
I did a damn good job.

So here’s to 2016, which doesn’t need to be a new beginning. Instead, it can be the year I continue the work I did last year.
Happy new year to every one of you. It’s been a year since I made this blog and I never expected a hundred people to like this experiment enough to follow me. Thank you. You make me feel like I’m good at something and I’m so happy every one of you exist💜

Sorry for posting this late. I couldn’t sum up what the past year had been to me enough to write about it. I hope y’all enjoyed the first week of 2016.


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