It’s been two and
a half years, some
people call you my
lover now. But we
both know that’s a
lie, that’s an exaggeration
because this love, this
love is not reciprocated.
Well, some people may
disagree but I know
the truth, I’m simply the
person you fall back on,
the person you rely on,
the person who will
always be there. On
the other hand, its been
two and a half years and
your feelings are still
uncertain, still a maybe,
still not enough to
make you care about me.
Mostly, I’m okay with it,
I’m used to the silence,
the butterflies, the love
with no reciprocation, but
sometimes the uncertainty
gnaws at my heart, and
collects and forms that
lump in my throat, and
triggers my flight mode the
moment I look at your face,
and lately, all that goes on
traces back to you,
everything is a path that
leads my mind to your
eyes, and I’m sorry, but
the uncertainty might
just be too much.


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