Yesterday, I was attempting
exponentiation and I
realised that in my life,
though I have a finite
number of problems, they
all have the same
variable; you. Isn’t it funny
that though we done
talk often anymore,
you’re still making
such an impact in
my life. Day before, when
you walked into class
it felt like lightning had
struck, you set me on fire
until you looked at me.
Your gaze dismissed me
and it was like a sudden
downpour of cold water
jerking me back to life,
dousing the fire I felt,
reminding me that we,
we are nothing and
even though you’re in
every equation of my life
I could ever make, I’m
probably only in the ones
you threw away six months
ago and never looked
at again. Isn’t it funny,
that things like maths
remind me of you, but you,
you don’t remember me
till I’m standing in front of
you and even then, you
look right through me,
even then, I don’t mean
a thing to you. A month
ago, you tried to keep me
around, (to keep your
options open, I suppose),
And I guess today,
the curve I’m tracing is
no longer following
your equation,
and I guess today,
I no longer want
to be an option,
I guess today, I’m
just not seeing you
in my textbooks anymore


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