Mixed Feelings (4 of 30)

Everything I have ever felt for you
has been an amalgation of good and bad.
Sometimes you remind me of
those dolls which come with different clothes,
which a child can keeping switching between.
Basically, it’s like you come with a set of personalities, each
with little quirks that make a world
of difference in your behaviour.
Some of these sets make
me fall in love with you,
but a lot of them don’t.
Talking to you sometimes feels like
having energy drinks and alcohol together; like
doing something you know isn’t a good idea.
That’s why I don’t tell you
even if I like you.
Because, what if you change at the last moment?
What if I fell for the wrong you?
Anyway, my feelings for you
have always been mixed,
which have created a cocktail
of mixed memories swirling in my head,
which have created blurs across your true persona.
Anyway, we wouldn’t last.
You’re still static and I’m still
dynamic; we are not the same.
Anyway, we are not opposites attracting.
We are opposites crashing, falling, stabbing each other.
And sometimes it sucks.
But today, looking through
my mixed feelings,
I know that we’re in the
best place we could possibly be.


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