Caring ( 14 of 30 )

The difference between
caring and not caring
used to seem like a fine
line drawn in sand that
could be washed away easily,
but now when I’m with you
I know that caring for
someone never really
requires a second thought
and there is not a line
between the opposites but
a wall, a country, a trench
deeper then anyone realises
because now, when I’m with you
I’ve realised that I never
think about the act of caring
because that’s just not how it
works, the entire idea is that
it’s effortless, and with you?
It is. It’s like we’re standing in
the eye of the hurricane, like
we’re reading, like we’re c a l m.
Before, I always thought of
someone genuinely liking me
as a chore, as an act, as a farce.
Now, I know that it’s not about
me, it’s about the other person and
whether they actually want
to be with me. Till now, I’ve
been ignoring the fact that actions
speak louder than words, but
today I no longer need to because
both your words and actions
are whispering the same sounds
into my ear, and today,
I’ve finally realised that it’s
about the effort, the effort you’ve definitely been ready to
put in. Today, I realised that
there is not a line in sand
separating you and him, but
a wall, a country, a trench.


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