Fools (19 of 30)

Your lips linger on mine,
just a second longer than
something that should’ve meant goodbye, and
now there’s no stopping.
That second cost us the next hour;
our arms and legs are intertwined as
our minds think only about our bodies,
we are foolish.
There we were on the brink of a farewell, and
now here we are, sharing a bed
the next morning.
If only we could look at each
other when we weren’t overcome by desire,
maybe this could have worked.
But we can’t, so instead here
we are every other week promising
to never see each other again
while succumbing to sheer desire;
we are foolish, I say,
even as I give in once again,
even as I make sure my lips
linger a second too long,
even as I moan.
I am foolish.
I come back each time, hoping it’ll
be more than this but it never
is, I guess I just can’t
keep away, I guess I’ve lost control;
I am foolish, but
atleast every time we fall back
into this routine, I am satisfied.
Atleast I get to taste your lips once more,
atleast I had a good time.

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