Love; Not At First Sight (20 of 30)

Love at first sight seems to
be a widely debunked myth, but what about
love at first conversation? Love at first kiss? Love at first class in the morning?
Love at the grocery store, helping you pick
up your groceries, love
at a club?
What about love at work, love
at school, love in a restaurant?
Love probably isn’t at first sight.
Love is the second sight, the
glance thrown over a shoulder,
the best friend.
Love can be so many firsts,
so many variations of the well
known first site, what about those?
Let’s talk about love online, love
between pages, between bedsheets, between
flights. Let’s talk about love
as a friend, as an enemy,
as a boss, as a stranger.
Let’s talk beyond the generalisations, because
when I first saw love, it
was not at first sight, but at the millionth one.
When I first saw love, it was sitting next to me,
it was laughing, it was adorable, and
it was definitely not where I expected it to be.
I had been looking for love in coffee shops and concerts,
in cute boys and first dates, I had
been looking in all the wrong places.
Because love, love is not at first sight no matter
how many times we wish it to be,
love isn’t convenient, love isn’t
easy. Love is outside the generalisations, love is
in the blind spot, love
is everywhere you forgot to look.
So, open your eyes first.
Look at the stars, look at then shine,
look after your friends, look at life
and pay attention to its minute details, pay
attention to the bigger picture,
pay attention to your life.
Look at yourself, look at your
goals, look at what you want, because
love is not at first sight, love is only present
after you find it for yourself.

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