We Are Here

Here we are.
I never thought I would be here,
today, with you, lying so close
together that our toes are touching,
that our hands are intertwined,
that I can feel your hot breath on my back.

Here we are.
Seems like a movie doesn’t it?
It seems like the rhyme I’ve been
searching for my entire life.
Your gaze doesn’t make me crumble,
like so many other’s, instead
it makes me rise up.
It make me touch the heavens, it
makes me want to learn chemistry
just so I can use the right words for this love.

There I was.
A shadow in the darkness,
A silence in a void.
A soul full of dusky hopelessness.

Here I am.
A light in the dark,
Music heard in noise,
I’m not saying that you made me whole, no, you didn’t.
I’m saying you helped me find the
person I wanted to be,
The person I could always be,
The person I didn’t know how to be.

Here we are.
At our full potentials, racing
to the stars, bubbling
to the surface,

We are here.
And I’m so glad that this snapshot
exists, I’m so glad that
we came together,
I’m so glad this poem can attest to our love long after we’re gone.

We are here,
and it feels like magic, it feels
like the sun in winter,
it feels like us.
Us, with our toes touching,
with our hands intertwined.
Us, with your breath on my back.

We are here.
It feels like us, and
I’ve never been happier.


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