Ship To Wreck (Song Series)

​I’ve been stuck in this 

quicksand for 

a while now, and

ever so slowly

I’m sinking. 

Sinking, like a boat 

with holes

in its hull; water is 

rushing in and there is 

nothing I 

can do to stop it, nothing

I can do 

to stop this blue 

sky from folding 


enveloping me. 

I was made to wreck.

I was made to 

slowly shatter like a 

crystal lake, made

to ruin


made to self destruct.

There is nothing

I can do to 

stop the moon from 

mocking me, to

stop the

sun from glaring 

at me- to

stop you from

coming too 


I was made to wreck.

Song- Ship To Wreck by Florence and the Machine

This poem is part of a new series of poems inspired by song titles or song lyrics. All the songs are songs I really like, taken from music I’ve downloaded. You can suggest songs as well! x

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