Three// pretty please.

​We dress up every please

in evening clothes-

say pretty please, say

please with a cherry on top,

say please in pearls, in 

high heels, in a carefully

contoured face; what’s

the point of sickly 

sweetness when its not

done right? We say please

like its casual change, like

it’s weekday trash, tossed 

out on the street on your

way to work, on your way

to more meaningful

words- we say please

like time is wind blowing

in the opposite direction.

And please doesn’t mind,

please is happy to walk

barefoot through these

burning roads, begging 

for pity from anyone

who would listen, and

please is happy to wear 

that lace dress, that lipstick

and slowly, steadily

break down your barriers

with that smirk- so say 

please. Say pretty please, 

say pretty please with a

cherry on top and let it

slowly, steadily get 

what you want.


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