Twelve/ 2016.

Hi guys, happy new year!!! I know this post is late, sorry! I’ve had exams pretty much non stop, so I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately. 

Usually, I would be writing a year-end poem, but this year, that didn’t really work out. 2016 has been a confusing year. So instead of one poem summarising the year that I used to write, here’s (the first segment of?) a new tradition:


1. Love isn’t always larger than life.

Sometimes, it’s quiet,

A whisper that lasts for a second,

for a week.

Love is sometimes infatuation, 

sometimes a thrill that lasts for just a while, and then

Love ends, but it

doesn’t make excuses, instead it 

accepts the truth with

sad smile and

walks away.

2. Being true to yourself feels

better than you ever thought it would, and

even when it pricks, and even

when it hurts, it’s 

better than living in a cage, no matter

How beautiful it is.

3. There are some problems you

can’t solve, and it’ll

feel like a gaping wound in the fabric

of your life; you’ll wonder how 

you went from feeling on top of the world, to 

being smaller than you could’ve imagined, 

but then you’ll realise you don’t have to

sit in a closet full of other people’s skeletons,

too scared to breathe;

instead you can watch as people you love finally

find the strength to cast away

the ashes of their own monsters.

4. Time flows like a river in flood,

rushing over  everything in its

path, and just when you

find your footing, time will

pull the rug from under you, 

and you’ll be left on your back, wondering

how you could’ve ever thought

the calm would’ve lasted.

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