The apologies you give me seem

fragile (like your ego), they’re little

glass whispers ready to crack 

on contact, ready to make me 

bleed. They melt bitterly on my

tongue and now every word I say

is tinged with a bit of venom, with

a bit of you- I’m not sure how

much longer I can do is. I’m not 

how much longer I can be this

version of myself. My frustrations

blooms larger than your sins, your

apologies shadow every word I say

and now, now we’re stuck in this 

limbo, just like a glitch in time none

of us know how to escape. The 

apologies you used to give me 

are lingering behind me like 

they’re just waiting to pounce on

me, like they’re just waiting for

me to confess how guilty I feel, and

right now, I just want to escape 

from them. I just want to leave 

behind these honeysuckle words,

leave behind these venomous 

glares- carrying your personality 

around is weighing on my

shoulders; I’m not sure how much

longer I can stay upright.


3 thoughts on “Sixteen/apology

  1. Ragazza Triste says:

    Wow! Your Blog Page is really inspiring! To be able to come up with these ideas and emotions is truly amazing. What I love about this community are the endless creativity and the pure honesty of its members. I am really proud to be a part of this, to not be afraid to be myself. I am looking forward to more of your posts. I hope you can follow my Blog as well. Have a great day ahead. 🙂


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