23/full circle 

She asked me if I really liked 

you, and I didn’t even try to

deny it, because what’s the point 

of denying something that’s inked 

on every single part of 

me? What’s the point of denying 

something that I write about too 

much anyway? What’s the point of 

hiding from these feelings when it’s

obvious they’re persistent as 

hell (patiently knocking on my 

heart no matter how many times 

I tell them I don’t want them, I 

don’t want you), and she asks me if 

I’ll stick around long enough to 

give you a shot and I say I 

still don’t know. I say my heart is 

fickle and mostly frozen, and

I’m not sure it can thaw in just

four months. She says, yes but it’s been 

four years of waiting for you to 

come full circle, waiting for you

to find your way back to him, but

I tell her just because we love 

each other doesn’t mean it works,

or that I’m any different. 

Doesn’t mean I’m any better.


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