I had stopped seeing poetry 

in everything a long time back

Stopped seeing words floating 

mid air when I walked down the

street, stopped feeling excited

when I looked at the sky.

Before, everything used to

be a poem waiting to happen, 

until nothing was, until

I forgot what I was writing about.

And I know I’m just a cliché

surviving on unrealistic

romantic ideals, and I know 

there are no princes in real

life, but everytime I look

at you I see a poem waiting 

to happen. I have been mapping

out your gestures for far

longer than I realised, and 

I’ve been running out of

syllables every time I look at

you- I had almost forgotten 

what poetry looked like when

it could breathe. when it could

keep me awake at 2am, when

it laughed and smiled- I had almost

forgotten what poetry looked

like, till I looked at you.


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