5 of 30/ b/ 33

My sins burn as bright

as the sun on most days,

like an aura around me

it grows everytime I 

make a mistake, and 

my sins burn as hot as

the sun does, they have

left marks on my flesh that

most can’t see but 

I feel everytime I move

a muscle, and I wonder

what that says about me, 

that pain feels like a second

skin but I don’t remember

the last time I felt 

comfortable, wonder what

It says about me, that 

I nurture my faults like they

arent weeds, that I grew a 

garden of thorns and then

blame them for being too

prickly- guess it says that 

I was afraid. Guess it

means that my faults were

Never the one casting the 

aura, it was my insecurity,

hoping no one would get 

close enough to see that

behind these thorns are

a myriad of colours, that

behind these walls, the

home isn’t all bad, guess

this was never about my

sins after all, it was about 

me, trying to be as aloof as

the sun, trying not to 

get burnt by anyone else, 

only to realise, it was too

late to save me, to save 

my soul, my life

from my own fire.


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