6 of 30/ recuperate/ 34

My legs are molten lead today,

they can barely keep me upright

and my heart is thumping so 

loud, I’m scared you can hear it

on the other side of town, 

and my hands are shaking

like they’ve forgotten what 

they were meant for, so I 

step out of my body, watch 

it dissociate till my muscles are

simply pulp and my bones are

ground to dust- exhaustion has

droven my weary mind insane, 

until all I can think of is melting,

of being smaller until I 

disappear and all these 

responsibilities flicker out of

existence, until everyone has

forgotten about the space I 

occupied because today, my

legs are molten lead barely 

keeping me upright and I just

need time to escape, just need

time to recuperate.


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