8 of 30/ trap/ 36

I fall into the same trap everytime,

like a circus animal, I repeat the

same tricks for different crowds

at the behest of someone else, and

I never quite understood where it

all went wrong, only that I would 

rather gnaw off my own leg than

believe these silky sweet lies, rather

die stuck in the same cycle that

I was trying to escape, than 

become a pawn in your game,

because the truth is that no matter

how hard I try, my own naivety 

drawns me back in, my own 

foolishness makes me fall in love

with the same faults that made 

me leave, and most days I try

to run away from this life the

destinies plotted for me, but most

days, I don’t succeed. So instead,

I walk into the trap these days,

knowing fully well I could be

maimed, and I sit there patiently,

waiting to finally meet my

hunter, waiting to finally strike.


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