11 of 30/ mansplaining/ 39

Whenever we speak, the words

scarcely leave my mouth before 

you tear them apart, because in

the world you live in, everything

sounds smarter in a deeper voice,

everything makes sense when 

it’s wearing a suit and tie, so 

you stomp on whatever I say, 

replace it with the same words,

tell yourself that you did me 

a favour by cutting me off, like

suffocating someone can be 

justified, like you would listen to

me if I made sense, when the truth

is as long as I inhabit this body,

you’ll continue to invade my

sentences, continue making 

me smaller with every sentence

of mine you discard- don’t you 

see you’re​ fulfilling your own 

prophecy, don’t you see the

notion of supremacy you’re

perpetuating? Maybe you do. 

Maybe every explanation you think

I need, every explanation you give

without me asking is a bullet 

aimed at my head, trying to 

make me stagger, make me fall,

make me complicit in my own 

defeat, but I won’t fall. I won’t

vanish underneath your cloud

of condescension, won’t back 

down just so you can add me to

the list of girls you thought you

ran over, no, I’ll push back, and

when I do, I hope you can get

used to hearing a voice

which isn’t your own.


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