24 of 30/ more/ 52

My soul is hungry for more

love, more offerings of good

faith and sweet promises at

the altar that is my heart, it 

wants what my life has been 

spent reading about, so it

prowls around my body, pushes

and pulls it into situations it’s

not ready for then asks why it

can’t keep up, it doesn’t wait

around, instead rushes to the

closest replica of attraction it

can find, doesn’t savour what it 

has, just wants more and more,

darting from person to person,

hoping affection for one will 

prevail but instead gets stuck in

this vicious cycle- why couldnt

it be content with what it was 

given? Why couldnt I? Instead,

in my search for a better love, 

in my search for a brighter love,

all I did was lose what I had gotten,

until I was left with less and

less, till I landed in this reality,

where even though my soul

still hoped for more, it knew,

I knew, I had nothing.


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