26 of 30/ good for something/ 54

I know I’m not good for much, just

another girl with a sob story,

know I’m nothing special, less 

worthwhile than a floor mat,  just

another girl people look past, but

despite the flaws that circle my

very being, despite the fact that I

never managed to shine bright, 

despite the knowledge that I’ve

disappeared in this galaxy of 

humanity, I know what I can do,

know that if I was put at the helm

of a ship I would guide it home 

with words, know that I’m not 

pretty, but almost resemble the 

notion when I talk about writing and

my eyes light up- So don’t

count me out just yet, every bone

in my body is made for this duty,

and every inch of my muscle 

strove to get me here, I might not

be good for much, but I’m good 

for this, good for you, so sit

back and watch me conquer, 

because I may never be fit to

control this universe, but I can

definitely control this portion.


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