30 of 30!!/ today/ 58

This day ends with the quiet

dignity of time spent well, it

fades into the blackness of

my memories from where it’ll

soon disappear, and the 

excitement I’ve felt today will

soon evaporate in this 

summer heat, replaced with the

weariness of a life lived too long, 

but it doesn’t matter because

even when this day is forgotten,

it will still have existed, even

when I fade into obscurity, 

no one will be able to take away 

who I was, because the truth is

human beings fiddle with the

future like it’s a toy, they tie 

Destiny’s hands together and

call their own shots, but

no matter how much they

try, the past is just not as

malleable, so even though they

have taken away my future, 

they’ll never take away my past.


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