pauses/ 66

I see you everywhere I go now- in

the pauses. I see you in between

the words I read, hear you between 

the songs I sing, feel you between

the footsteps I take; you’re there

in every space, every pause, every

breath I take and I’m not sure 

when that happened, not sure 

whether I woke up one morning

and everything was different, or

whether it was a quieter type

of change, like night to day, whether

it was the way dawn approaches- 

once I told you that you make me 

feel like I’m not falling,

and I guess that’s true, because

whenever I look at you, my 

entire world comes to a standstill,

whenever I look at you, gravity 

slows down till I’m floating

mid air, wondering how life

got so good, wondering how

I fell so in love that some days

the only reason I eat is you, that’s

the thing about love- it’s not 

all consuming, and it doesn’t

incinerate me, instead it feels

like a piece of home I carry 

with me in my heart, a reminder

every time I take a step back, that

I’m not as alone as I was; a 

constant beat at the back of

my head that I hear in every silence,

that punctuates my every sentence,

that’s the thing about love,

it never leaves you lonely.


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