another love poem/ 81

This is another love poem. 

Another ode to your hands, your

hips, your smile, this is

another poem about how I fell 

for you, how I thought this would

never happen, how despite that,

I can’t imagine life without it, 

this is a poem about love feeling

like a lump in my throat every time 

you speak to me, about my 

feet turning to stone when I see

you- I can’t help but stop and stare.

This is a poem about how love feels

like having cold water thrown at

your face, by which I mean to say, 

it wakes you up, by which I mean, 

It makes you feel alive, by which

I mean, life feels worth living now 

days. The sun seems hotter, the 

birds seem louder, the sky seems

brighter- the entire world seems 

happier because of this love.

So I wrote this, another love poem,

another ode to feeling on top 

of the world, another satisfied sigh

aknowledging how lucky I am. 


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