2017/ 86

This year, you stopped running. Went from the flight risk to the anchor; you stopped hiding. For as long as you could remember, you controlled yourself through the food you ate and the words you said, you were always just a little bit too high strung. You were stretched thin, a taut string just waiting to break.

But this year? This year you stopped running. Started breathing. Started doing the things you love, stopped hiding the person you were. This year, you broke free.

You also were broken, people tossed your heart around like a football, and you were torn, each word he didn’t say made another part of you harden, but at the end? At the end, it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter because you were alive. You are alive. You are alive and wild and vibrant- a summer breeze, a bird soaring through the sky, a flowing river- you are free.

Free from the expectations, from the self hatred, free from the worry, the panic, you’re free, because this year, this year you stopped running.

Running from yourself, from your obligations, running from your friends, your family, your enemies; you stopped running.

This year, you started living.

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