better than this/89

They tell you to shut up.
They tell you to sit down, to
do their bidding, they tell
you to twist your soul until
it fits into their cookie cutter
perception of the world, they
tell you you’re worthless- beat
you until you can’t help but cower,
shame you into silence until
you’ve forgotten how to speak,
hurt you until there’s nothing left
but a hollow shell- they tell you
you’re worthless. That you’re
not good enough, that you never
will be, but does it matter?
You’re the flickering fire, the
shimmering night sky, you’re the
echo of a thousand voices, the
highlight of someone’s day, you’re
you, and that’s more than they’ll
ever be, more than they ever can,
so the next time they try to
silence you, the next time they
try to dim your light, look at them.
Look at their faces, look at their
sunken eyes and smile.
You will always be better than this.

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