glass girl/ 1 of 30/ 92

Glass shard girl is more glass than girl.
Glass shard girl makes you bleed,
but unintentionally.
Glass shard girl is a reminder
of what went wrong.
Glass shard girl is hard to get rid of.
Some part of her always slips beneath
the cracks, and ends up lodged in a shoe.
Glass shard girl uses to be pretty once.
Once, she was just a glass girl.
Meant to be seen, not felt.
Once, she was the centre of attention.
Strangers used to shower her with praise,
and she stood there, in her glass girl pose,
with her glassy eyes, and glassy smile,
and let them look. Glass girl was something else.
Glass shard girl remembers what
she felt like _before_ but only in fragments.
Her memories cracked with her and
glass shard girl doesn’t know how to fix it.
How to fix herself.
Glass shard girl does not
remember how
she became a shard.How she lost her dignity,
and her status. Glass shard girl imagines
it to be something dramatic:
A fight between a couple, where
she was fought for. An act to
ward off violence, where she was the weapon.
Glass shard girl doesn’t know,
doesn’t remember, that truthfully,
she had just fallen off a shelf.

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