18 of 30/ 109

This poem is not political.
This poem is an upper middle
class north Indian boy, believes
patriarchy is cool, child marriage
is okay and girls are meant
to listen. Not be heard. This poem
is a politician at a rally for rapists,
a poem where he is still representing
the people, a
poem where the country we live in is
suffocating, where tradition
is conflated with bias, where rapists
aren’t rapists when they’re Hindu.
This poem isn’t political.
it’s simply an observation.An observation of this society that
exists in a bubble- all opinions
around are just white noise- this poem isn’t
because if it was, how long do I live?
This country does not have space for more.
This poem is not political,
And thank god,
but I am.
I am.
I am.

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