I’ve been trying to write this post for a week now, but I’ve faltered every time, because I’m not sure how to convey what I want. So here it is, in its most uncouth form- This blog will no longer be about poetry.

I’ve been writing poetry for one and a half years on this blog now, and its been a great platform, but I’ve realised that its time to do more. Poetry, as a medium, is no longer something I want to devote all of my attention to. Instead I want to write fiction, creative nonfiction, blog posts, book reviews etc.and make this blog into a definitive account of my work, and not just one segment of it.

However, I’m not going to stop writing poetry. As a medium, poetry has given me so much over the past year and a half, and I like it too much to stop writing it. Instead of being the focus of this blog, like it is now, it’ll just be one of the many things you’ll be seeing on this blog.

Inchoate (adj.) :

 1.not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.

2.just begun; incipient.

3.not organised; lacking order.
I guess that’s about it. Consider this a reinvention. Welcome to Inchoate: a collection of words. I hope you all like what this turns out to be.